Masterclass: strategies and tactics to increase your team’s effectiveness


Date and time: Thursday, September 16, 2021
13:00-14:15 (12:45 Registration starts)

Program Overview

Do you wish it were easier to lead your team to high performance? You’re not alone. At PFC, we know from talking with our Global Fortune 1000 clients around the world that six of the most common challenges leaders face are:
・ People don’t understand or buy-in to the team’s vision or goals
Team members feel that the team’s goals or plans are unrealistic
It is not clear how effectively each team member is working            
Team member collaboration isn’t going as well as needed
Leaders feel overwhelmed by the size of their workload
Team members feel disconnected from each other

What’s Unique About This Workshop

This masterclass goes beyond leadership theory and knowledge and gives you real-world tools to build a highly effective team. You can apply what you learn immediately to improve your team’s effectiveness right away. And, participants who attend the entire masterclass can access free bonus materials after the session ends, including a special offer to assess your team’s effectiveness.

What You’ll Gain By Attending

Attend this live 75-minute session and learn how to:

  • Establish a clear team direction to build the support and commitment needed to achieve your team goals.
  • Establish and use effective team processes so that people know what roles they play and how to collaborate with other to get the work done.
  • Develop the necessary skills and capabilities in team members to help the team grow and feel more engaged while pursuing your goals.


Justin Hollingworth
People Focus Consulting
Senior Consultant
Justin Hollingworth is an organizational development consultant, corporate trainer, certified psychometric assessor, and coach. He has worked with leaders in Japanese and non-Japanese companies in a wide variety of industries, and has held a number of senior positions in both Japan and the UK. He speaks English and Japanese, and teaches dance in his spare time.

Michael Glazer
People Focus Consulting
Senior Consultant
Michael Glazer is a leadership coach, organizational development consultant and corporate trainer whose client work spans 15 countries across four continents. He speaks English and Japanese and has worked with leaders at companies including Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, and many publicly listed Japanese companies. Michael has also guest lectured at Kyoto University and at the United States Air Force Academy.

Date & Time

Thursday, September 16, 2021
(12:45 Registration starts)

Online session

This session will be held via Zoom
*Access URL will be provided after your enrollment.

Number of entry

Maximum 100 people 
*Minimum enrollment is 3 people.






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