Online Seminar: Coping with Stress Workshop

Learn Practical Techniques for Lowering Stress and Increasing Performance and Happiness

Program Overview

Stress affects how we feel, think, and behave. And research shows that when it persists, it can have serious consequences for our physical health.¹ As employees continue to grapple with the impacts of stress, employers are recognizing it and as both a priority and a major threat for their workforces. Despite this, less than half of the same companies have a formal wellbeing strategy in place.²   

Taking stock of our own stress and strengthen capabilities to prevent and cope with stress helps boost performance and emotional wellbeing. It also helps make us happier at work. This interactive workshop helps participants build insights about the role stress plays in their own lives and equips them with practical techniques to better deal with stress at work and beyond.

¹workplace stressors & health outcomes: health policy for the workplace. Accessed on May 1, 2022 at

² 2021 Wellbeing Diagnostic Survey press release. Accessed on May 1, 2022 at

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand what stress is, the factors that cause it, and how it affects people.
  • Understand the sources and effects of your own stress.
  • Learn four practical techniques for coping with stress

Program Outline

Prework assignments:

  • Complete a stress self-reflection guide
  • Complete a managing energy self-assessment
  • Complete a Positive Intelligence saboteur self-assessment

Session Agenda:

  • Understanding stress: causes, symptoms and effects
  • Stress coping technique 1: managing your energy
  • Stress coping technique 2: using constructive self-talk
  • Stress coping technique 3: reframing
  • Stress coping technique 4: increasing mental fitness
  • Action planning and wrap up

Who Should Attend

  • English-speaking professionals who want to learn proven techniques for lowering their stress level.


Michael Glazer
People Focus Consulting
Senior Consultant

Michael Glazer is a Certified Leadership Coach who helps clients thrive with sustainable high performance. His client work spans 15 countries across four continents and focuses on helping leaders take care of people while taking care of business.

He is based in Tokyo, speaks English and Japanese, and has worked with leaders at major corporations, including Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, and Mitsubishi. Michael has also guest-lectured at Kyoto University and at the United States Air Force Academy.  Michael is a Japan business specialist who has facilitated leadership- and coaching-skills workshops for thousands of Fortune 500 professionals over the past 20 years. 

Date & Time

13:00 – 17:00 on Wednesday , 20 July, 2022

Online session

This session will be held via Zoom
*Access URL will be provided after your enrollment.



Number of entry

Maximum 20 people 
*Minimum enrollment is 3 people.


JPY 27,720 (tax included)   
*Workbook is included


Please register from the Web Form.
※Register deadline: 1 week prior to the date


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